Grand Echelon Society Recap

The inaugural event of Grand Echelon Society was a huge success. Cambridge was in for a surprise as we had a ton of talented DJs blessing the stage for the night.

DJ New Phaze (@foreverbasedc) opened the show with a set that was jam packed with energy and excitement. Star Trakk (@iamstartrakk) was a surprise DJ for the night, coming in and bringing more of that energy to sustain the crowd’s hype. Charlie Tunes (@charlietunes) blessed the stage to continue the momentum set by the first two DJs and Radical One ( showcased music from his recent project Mas Sofrito. Gifted Media’s own Frandiego (@sanfrandiego) had an amazing set and even jumped on the mic to get the crowd hyped up.

The night closed with the boys Last Niight (@last.niight) putting some theatrics to work.  D.C. based Arif Omari (@arif.omari) and Frankliin (@iamfrankliin) tag teamed their set and blended their music together live. The duo mixed off of each other purely by ear and was deemed “the Hardy Boys of DJing” by host Takz (@luxurytakz).

Check out the video above for highlights of the event and make sure you’re in attendance for the next one!

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