Future//Perfect Episode 5 – “Brave Vesperia” feat. Brave

In this episode, artist/gamer Brave (@_brave __) joins us for our first episode live-streamed simultaneously on Twitch. We discuss the Las Vegas shooting incident before we get into Cuphead and the latest music releases. Brave dives into his music and gaming background and we learn of his music influences as well as his top 5 favorite video games. He also drops off not one but three songs to the podcast. Listen in to find out why he believes Final Fantasy 7 isn’t the best in the series.

Brave – “Her Eyes” feat. Isamar https://soundcloud.com/zhibrave/her-eyes-feat-isamar-prod-taylorking

Brave – “Welcome to America” feat. Jae-Qhttps://soundcloud.com/zhibrave/welcome-to-america-w-jae-qprod-camgothits

Mia Lanette – “FSG” feat. Brave – UNRELEASED


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