A Boogie and PNB Rock Jump The Based God…Was it Worth It?

I love hip hop. I really do. Despite the genre’s controversial nature, it’s saved my life. It’s been there when I was depressed; it’s been there when I needed a creative outlet; it’s been there to make my vocabulary more colorful (word). Though baby boomers don’t understand hip hop, it’s been an extraordinarily powerful culture and genre of music for me as well as many others worldwide. Believe it or not, I don’t where I’d be without hip hop.

Though the hip hop lifestyle has been so influential for me, I’ve been finding myself listening to it less and less and becoming less interested in the culture. Though I still make beats and cover hip hop songs on acoustic guitar, I’ve become more and more reluctant to listen to my friends’ recommendations of up-and-coming hip hop artists.

My first complaint was about the ubiquitous use of and references to prescription drugs such as Xanax. My second complaint was about this weird trend of artists defiling their faces with tattoos. And now, artists are willing to act violently over simple opinions.

This past weekend, Lil B The Based God was supposed to perform at the Rolling Loud Festival. Unfortunately, he didn’t. He announced that A Boogie with the Hoodie, PNB Rock, and their crews jumped him in a video that is now viral. The violence was a result of Lil B simply stating that he wasn’t a fan of A Boogie’s music. Instead of retaliating, Lil B forgave them and proved that his belief in positivity wasn’t simply a marketing scheme. As of today, Lil B and A Boogie have made amends.

Though the issue has been resolved, I still don’t understand why A Boogie and PNB Rock had to immediately resort to violence. When I first saw this video, I was absolutely appalled. I asked, “What made them resort to violence like this?” And I was told it was Lil B’s opinion on A Boogie’s music.

Sure, A Boogie might have felt disrespected, but couldn’t this be resolved with a simple conversation if there wasn’t one before, a one-on-one conversation? Not only was A Boogie’s action absolutely butthurt and nonsensical, it was also cowardly. It was especially the latter, since the Based God is a benevolent, non-violent person.

And to reiterate, this was an opinion. Lil B did not mention A Boogie’s family; he didn’t give him a f*** you; he simply stated his opinion. Sure he was making fun of his song, Drowning, but Lil B wasn’t saying anything warranting violence.

Chance the Rapper felt offended by Joe Budden’s comments on his song and he only felt the need to use words. Lil Uzi Vert also felt the same way when Budden gave his opinion on Luv Is Rage 2, and he simply responded with a meme. Would you jump someone every time they had a negative opinion about you?

Lastly, this situation is an example of successor attacking a predecessor and it’s honestly not a good move for A Boogie and PNB Rock. Some artists in hip hop have a lot of power and Lil B is one of them. He may not have the same power that Jay-Z or Eminem have, but nonetheless he’s the most influential artist in the last couple of years.

Artists such as Uzi and Yachty have cited his influence on their music, and A Boogie and PNB Rock are member of this new wave of hip hop. Although members of the Task Force were bystanders during the jumping, they probably look at A Boogie and PNB Rock unsavorily, especially since Lil B had to cancel his set. Thus, the two artist could get blackballed, and is it really worth it over an opinion?

The most amazing thing about this situation is Lil B’s ability to forgive the two artists despite their detestable action. Hip hop is a culture full of grudges and beefs, and for Lil B to go against the grain is absolutely incredible.

Overall, though, hip hop needs to get its s**t together. Maybe A Boogie and PNB Rock are tough guys, but they don’t appear so tough when they needed 16 guys to jump a guy who walks around without security.

Is this what hip hop’s become: resorting to immediate violence in response to an opinion? If so, it needs to stop.

By the way A Boogie, you do sound like Def Loaf in Drowning.


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