Future//Perfect Episode 7 – “Puns for Pun” feat. Prophet aka Percussion

Artist/Producer Prophet aka Percussion (@prophet_is_percussion) joins us for our first Friday Episode sponsored by JC Enterprises. In this episode, we take a dive into two of his recent freestyles on Big Pun instrumentals. Prophet gives us insight on his thought process and mental state for both freestyles and breaks down each song bar for bar. We also talk about how artists use music for an escape and take a quick trip down memory lane on how he and Takz met.



Prophet “Whatcha Gon Do” – https://soundcloud.com/prophets-percussions/prophet-whatcha-gon-do-remix-freestyle

Prophet “U Ain’t A Killa” – https://soundcloud.com/prophets-percussions/prophet-u-aint-a-killa-remix-freestyle



Prophet – Whatcha Gon Do (Remix Freestyle)

You niggas hot for the

Wrong reason
You’re only hot cuz the cops keep
Watch got the drop peepin’
lobster plates wit the DA’s
How they plot scheming
The most long winded
Be the first to stop breathin
Ayo, Watch how i verbalize
The nerve guys who be fairy tale
Servin’ pies
Talkin’ numbers on the block
Lettin’ birds fly
Im make salaat, sajda marks
Open third eyes
You kno I rep for the deen
Ima king wit no prince (prints)
Like the weapons is clean
Before I’m blessed with
Who im blessed with as a queen
I got have a kingdom
So I invest my dreams
Make money flip
Somersault, till I need another
Im takin’ off like a rocket
In a catapult
When everybody counted me
I kept remindin myself
They dont how to count
Now Im doin’ numbers
And my names growin’ in clout
I always knew yall never knew
What yall was talkin’ about
We keep our business
tighter than mobs
Never fold like clothes
Cuz I live my job
Dont come for me, all my enemies
Are gettin robbed
By Arab niggas who stick
Beef like shish kabob
Thats cuz Im globally known
Still supportin’ businesses
Locally owned
I be plottin on my moves
Then i fall a zone
Reflectin’ on every moment
Before I put it in poems
Had regrets
Long nights and light sleep
I made mistakes thinkin
I was soilin the right seeds
Even when they last words
Is “by, leave!”
Its still a easy break up
Like dry weed
I never give women my
Heart, they gotta earn it
I kno what I offer I don’t know
If they deserve it
You aint gotta talk
If you see the bigger purpose
Speak thru actions
Show me that you’re worth it
Or show me that you’re worthless
Prophet – U ain’t a Killa (Remix Freestyle)

Loosin’ track of my thoughts

Im still pacin’
Never see defeat (da feet) even tho
My minds racin’
Sleepin’ for a dream
Wat happens wen you’re awaken
I envision so I see
What im chasin’
Welcome, welcome, welcome
To the occasion
Ya girl fall for me like temptation (hey)
A couple niggas blazin’
Fine woman ragin’
I watch it all happen like a Mason
Secrets of knowledge or usin’ your weakness
This deep shit, like the truth’s makin’ me sea sick
Lay low, case load, shells, fake foes
Shits corny and they want you to take souls
And make dough for jail cells (sales) that take hold
Of precious of lives for a prize of a bankroll
I could never understand
But neither cud you
So im livin’ how im livin’
And I do what I do
know what I know
And stay from what i don’t
I probably say what they won’t
Cuz I say what I want
Now I’m soarin’ till im scorchin’
Approachin’ the solar
Still colder than ice boulders
Im bi polar
Yo these new jacks
Better learn to respect
A G gettin money
Hit em with the Nino effect
I keep it classic
I couldnt write wack shit
Tryn my hardest, real talk
You a butter knife
Im real hawk
Nigga you a cap gun
while I’m goin off
theres no comparison
Im full force while you’re hesitant
Boston, got more medical than Harrison
Grassachusettes u kno we got the medicine
Come and take over ya spot like a settlement
This niggas talkin’ real heavy
Where’s the gwop I molley Wap niggas
For some real Fetty
My akh gotta KD he’s soon to unleash
And its funny, me and Dave both
Pray to the East
I told myself forget
Anything that I want
I work and I get
I couldn’t picture
Anything clearer
Plus I already seen the Future
Like Ciara
Kickin’ it till my competitions
Wit a heavy play on words
thinkin’ of Big Pun

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