Need For Speed Payback Review: Loot Boxes Take Over Racing

Attached will be the video review that will give you more details, but here I will give you a short version.

This is the latest installment in EA’s Need for Speed Franchise, and it’s a mixed bag at best. If you enjoy the Fast and Furious movies like I do, you’ll find that actually being able to race in various heists will be a fun thing to do. Outside of those missions, the game gets extremely repetitive, sticking with the same formula that the franchise has been using for the past decade. There is a story present, but the characters are very generic and boring, and the dialogue is cheesy and isn’t voice acted well enough for me at least.

What ruins the game is its microtransactions, making progress an annoyance and a grind to do. Instead of just purchasing upgrade parts like literally every other racing game on the market, it uses upgrade cards as a way to upgrade vehicles. These upgrade parts are random, as it uses RNG, and restricts your ability to shape the car the way you want it to be. That on top of races getting more and more difficult as you progress throughout the game, it can be an extremely frustrating and tedious experience.

This game is not a game that should be purchased at full price, and is mainly there for those who are casual racing game fans that just want a racing game they can pick up in short bursts. If you are a racing game enthusiast, there are plenty of other options on the market that will suit your desires.

Verdict: 6 / 10 (A Decent Game)

The Good: Has amazing graphics, and the heist and storyline missions are very entertaining to play.

The Bad: Races are very repetitive and tedious to partake in. Soundtrack is very small and often repeats itself.

The Trash: Loot boxes and microtransactions make this game an extreme annoyance to play when trying to increase your vehicles performance.

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