Star Wars: The Last Jedi Reviewed * Potential Spoilers*

Hello everyone. What is there to say about Star Wars: The Last Jedi? Well there is a lot. In this review I’ll talk about the good and the bad. Let’s start with the bad.

The Last Jedi at times is unbearably slow. This occurs mostly in the first half of the movie. However I have personally found that the majority of the Star Wars movies have always had this issue. The movie is a bit cheesy at times as well. Sometimes it feels as if there are too many comedic moments in the movie. One character ends up being in the movie solely for comedic relief.

There is also what I feel is a forced romance between two characters. One character saves another character and the reasoning is love. However the characters never had any interaction prior to this movie and are only with each other for about what amounts to a day. The saved character never verbally expresses their feelings but the movie does give subtle hints to foreshadow what might be a future relationship. The movie also introduces a new character who you are supposed to care about  so their sacrifice hits you in the heart but this character doesn’t do too much that will cause audience to care  one way or the other.

Now for the good.

No one is important.  I bet some of you had confused looks on your faces when you read that line. Why is no one being important a good thing? Well it shows that you don’t need to come from a powerful family to accomplished great things or to be talented. It also allows for the movie to be able to shift focus from the story of one family to the stories of multiple other people involved in the war besides the Skywalkers. We get multiple viewpoints from Rebel alliance members to former soldiers of the Republic . This is a move that I personally don’t mind. Though we still don’t really get a true viewpoint from the villain with the exception of Kylo Ren.

The movie also takes a critical look of the Jedi order. It takes the perception of the Jedi being this legendary force that could do no wrong and points out that they have made multiple mistakes some that have been deadly. The Rebel Alliance is also called into question. The movie makes it so no one looks overly good or bad. People are sacrificed in the Rebel alliance. Teachers contemplate killing students and the “good guys” buy weapon parts from opportunists.

The movie also does a subtle nod to fight scenes in chambara movies found in Japan in one particular fight scene. Being a series that was inspired by the samurai this nod is perfection. The movie also does a good job of tossing out the old to bring in the new. It doesn’t solely rely on the Force as being this powerful force that allowed you to move things without touching them or if you were evil enough the ability to produce lightning. Rian Johnson uses the fact that the Force is never really fleshed out in the Star Wars universe to further explore what it could do.

The Last Jedi also does a solid job of further humanizing Kylo Ren and making the audience feel for him. He is conflicted and his action as well as his inactions showcase this. You can tell that he feels alone and that he is understood by no one. You also get this sense that Kylo is trying to live up to multiple expectations.

This is also true for Rey. Like Kylo she is trying to find someone who understands her.  However unlike Kylo she is chasing after the Jedi because of her terrible upbringing whereas Kylo has been disillusioned by the Jedi because of what he considers weakness and the fact that he was betrayed. Both characters act as perfect foils to each other.

All in all I thought the movie was great. It is easily the best Star Wars movie that has come out in the last decade. It is slow at times with an unnecessary romance but the director Rian Johnson tweaks the movie in ways that allows for the exploration of other themes, relationships and storylines which makes it so the movie is dynamic. These subtle changes also opens up the world of Star Wars more. Well at least the movies for me.

Rating: 8.5/10

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