Why You Shouldn’t Make 10 Beats a Day

Beat making is a numbers game. Whether you’re trying to have more product or become a better producer, you need to reach a quota every single day. As of late, the quota to reach is 10 beats a day.

You’re probably wondering: “How do you make 10 beats a day?” Well, producer Cassius Jay reveals how he achieves this astronomical goal everyday in his interview with Producer Grind.

In a nutshell, Cassius Jay’s beat making process consists of using drum stems which he “borrowed” from other producers, adding effects to loops he found on Splice, adding an 808, and then topping off the beat with three or four other sounds. It’s a simple process, right? It’s simple, but it’s cringeworthy.

If you are an aspiring producer PLEASE do not follow this guy. Sure, he’s accomplishing his goal of making 10 beats a day, but is this how he should go about it? If this is how producers in the industry makes beats nowadays, then there are a few reasons why you shouldn’t shoot for this goal:

1. Shooting to Make 10 Beats a Day Eliminates Creativity

Though Cassius Jay claims to be a musician in this interview, he isn’t doing what musicians do. Musicianship is supposed to be about to creativity, and pasting stems into Fruity Loops and time-shifting Splice loops is not creative. Cassius could play with EQing his drums and make melodies out of exotic scales, but instead he takes and modifies preexisting stems and sounds.

More than anything else, Cassius is not a musician. He’s more of an underworked, overpaid factory worker that puts together toy cars in an assembly line. No wonder a lot of these modern trap beats sound the same.

2. Making 10 Beats a Day Eliminates Individuality

Some of my favorite producers are DJ Premier, J Dilla, and Pharrell Williams. What made me fans of these producers are their unique sounds: Premo’s rearranged loops, Dilla’s snappy snares, and Pharrell’s futuristic production. I think developing your own unique style is one of the coolest aspect of beat making. Ever since I started in 2009, I wanted to have my own distinctive sound.

Now Cassius Jay’s revealed that producers are sharing stems like rappers share bars like they got the bottom bunk of a two-men cell, it explains why every single one of these producers sound the same. Cassius sounds like Metro and Metro sounds like Southside and Southside sounds like Sonny Digital. The only thing making these trap beats producers stand out are their tags. It’s pitiful!

Going back to the factory worker analogy, it’s like these newer producers work in the same factory, put together similar toys, and are underworked and overpaid.

3. Making 10 Beats a Day Creates a False of Productivity

“Work” has always been a motif in hip hop from Big Sean’s lyrics to Rihanna’s trashy club hit. Even Wale released an album back in 2011 about his ambition.

Who knows? Maybe these rappers and singers are putting in work, but can you say these producers are as well?

Cassius Jay’s beat making process is as formulaic as putting together an Ikea desk, and since he’s making a beat out of other people’s sounds and loops, he probably doesn’t have to deal with beat blocks very often.

When we, as producers, watch these videos, we’re not only trying to learn something. We’re also trying to be inspired by a compelling story. And there ain’t no story if Cassius is talking about being up late to create some innovative masterpieces. Hence, I can once again call him an underworked, overpaid factory worker.

Though I have some tough criticisms about this process and I highly implore you not to follow Cassius Jay, I understand what he and other producers in the industry are fighting for. As Curtiss King stated in his reaction video, the music producer game is highly competitive and you’re more likely to earn placements if you have more product. That’s why Kanye made five beats for three summers back in the day.

Despite that, I think the route to go as a music producer is to go through your kits and find that perfect snare, play around with notes on your keyboards, and create a sound that’s unique.

What are your views on making 10 beats a day? Do you do it like Cassius Jay? Do you do it your own way? Or do you value quality over quantity?

Please comment below.

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